Heba Farida Ahmed Fathy El-laithy

Heba Farida Ahmed Fathy El-laithy Heba Farida Ahmed Fathy El-laithy is a key expert for the Socioeconomic Impact and Social Safety Net development. Dr. El-laithy has a strong background in statistical analysis, and is currently Professor of Statistics at Cairo University’s Faculty of Economics and Political Science. She received her PHD Degree from Sussex University in United Kingdom. She is a key poverty and inequality expert who has contributed her expertise to several poverty assessments and poverty alleviation program evaluations in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, authoring and co-authoring seminal reports on poverty, inequality poverty alleviation and social safety net development in the MENA and ESCWA region for the World Bank, and many others. Dr. El-laithy has published papers on issues including the gender dimension of poverty, social risk management, and monetary poverty, multidimensional poverty and food security. Recently she authored or co-authored the following: Determinants and Measures of Inequality, (2015) in Economic and Social Development of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries, by Ayadi, R., Dabrowski, Marek, De Wulf, Luc (Eds.), published by Springer” and “Equality of Opportunity for Children , in Egypt, 2000–2009, Policy Research Working Paper number 6159, 2012, World Bank