F. Gerard Adams

Email: adams@sas.upenn.edu

F. Gerard “Jerry” Adams was Professor of Economics Emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania and passed away 15 January 2011 from complications of pancreatic cancer. He was 81 years old. After receiving his PhD from the University of Michigan, he was a business economist in the petroleum industry and served in government at the CEA in Washington and at the OECD. Adams’ academic interests have ranged widely. He has worked on a broad range of empirical studies including models of nations, regions, commodity markets, energy, industries, firms and the linkages between these models. He authored numerous articles and books. Among them are: World Commodity Markets, The Business Forecasting Revolution, The Macroeconomic Dimensions of Arms Reduction, Economic Activity, Trade, and Industry in the US–Japan–World Economy, East Asian Development: Will the East Asian Growth Miracle Survive?, Public Policies in East Asian Development: Facing New Challenges, Macroeconomics for Business and Society and The E-Business Revolution and the New Economy. The economics department of the University of Pennsylvania has announced that the F. Gerard Adams Fellowship for an International Student entering the PhD program in the autumn of 2011 has been established in memory of and to honour Professor Adams. Friends, colleagues and former students who wish to contribute to this fellowship to honour Dr. Adams may contact Lynn Costello, costello@econ.upenn.edu, who worked with Dr. Adams for many years.