Dina Magdy Armanious

Dina Magdy ArmaniousDina Magdy Armanious is currently Professor of Statistics at Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, Egypt. She has a strong background with more than 20 years of experience in household survey data analysis, Food security assessments, Income and Multidimensional Poverty Analysis in Arab countries, Impact Evaluation and Poverty Maps estimation. She is co-authoring reports on poverty, inequality, food security, poverty alleviation, child poverty and social safety net development for UNICEF, WFP, ESCWA, UNDP and League of Arab States. She contributed as co-author in poverty assessments and poverty alleviation program evaluations in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Oman. She has published papers on issues including monetary poverty, multidimensional and child poverty, gender dimension of poverty, Social protection polices, food security and health care utilization. Recently she authored the following: “Impact of the changes in women's characteristics over time on Antenatal Health Care Utilization in Egypt (2000-2008)” (2015), Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2015, vol. 5, 542-552 (under Thomson Reuters Journals), and “Determinants of Antenatal Health Care Utilization in Egypt (2000-2014) Using Binary and Count Outcomes”, (2019) Journal of Health, 2019, vol. January 11, 25-39.