Danny Leipziger

Danny Leipziger is Vice President, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network at The World Bank. He is the focal point for economic policy, debt, trade, gender and governance issues and for the Bank’s dialogue on these issues with key partner institutions – including the IMF, WTO, OECD and the EU. He was Vice Chair of the Spence Commission on Growth and Development (2006). He was previously Director for Finance, Private Sector and Infrastructure in the World Bank’s Latin America and Caribbean Region, Economic Adviser to the Secretary of State, and Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School of International Economics and Finance, Brandeis University (2001–2004). He holds a PhD in economics from Brown University. He has written extensively on development economics and finance, and has lectured widely on industrial policy, financial crisis management and development experience. He has authored several books on Korea and East Asia, including Lessons from East Asia (1997), Preventing Banking Crises (1998), Korea: Transition to Maturity (1988) and Chile: Policy Lessons (1999). He has published more than 30 articles in economic journals and is a frequent media commentator on development policy and global economic issues.