Biagio Bossone


Biagio BossoneBiagio Bossone is a financial advisor to international organization (e.g., World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund, International Organization of Stock Exchange Commissions); consultant to government agencies and financial intermediation companies; advisor to the Alpha-Elite fund; and member of the monitoring committee of the Center d'Études pour le Financement du Développement Local. He was executive director of the World Bank Group; member of the board of directors of the International Monetary Fund; coordinator of the Unit for the Evaluation of Public Investments at the Prime Minister's Office of the Italian Government; President of the Governing Council of the Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino; president of the San Marino Banking Association; General accountant, director of the budget and interim director of finances of the Sicilian Region, co-director of the International Payments division and deputy head of the International Financial Markets division of the Bank of Italy; member of working groups of G-10 and EU countries. He was an expert on the High-Level Commission on World Bank Reform (the "Zedillo" Commission. He was a contract professor at the universities of Palermo and Salento, and he is (co-)author of many studies and publications on economics and finance.