Ariel Coremberg


Ariel Coremberg is Professor of Economic Growth at University of Buenos Aires. He holds a PhD in Economics from University of La Plata and a Master in Economics from University of Torcuato Di Tella. At present he is the coordinator and the leading researcher of the ARKLEMS project on KLEMS account on Argentina, and the USDA Project on Multilateral Comparisons on Agricultural Productivity (AGKLEMS). Dr Coremberg’s research interests and extensive publications cover the areas of Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Competitiveness, Development, Wealth and National Accounts. He has published in several academic journals such as International Productivity Monitor, World Economics, as well as several books on National Balance Sheet and Wealth, Development, Education and Human Capital, Natural Resources, Capital Stock and Growth. He has been a consultant for the UN, IADB, World Bank, ECL AC, and Buenos Aires Stock Exchange Foundation.

Papers Published in World Economics:

     Measuring Argentina's GDP: Myths And Facts
     The Argentine Productivity Slowdown