Ahmed Hashim Alyushaa

Ahmed Hashim AlyushaaAhmed Hashim Alyushaa is the General Director of Research, Coordination and Follow-up at the Royal Court in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Dr. Alyushaa holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Hull, UK, an MSc in Economics from Glasgow University, UK and a BSc in Economics from Michigan Sate University, USA. Previously, Dr Alyushaa was a researcher in Bahrain Center for Studies and Research, where he published research in the field of monetary policy, labor markets and oreign trade. Dr. Alyushaa’s recent research interests focused on the GCC monetary union and the exchange rate policies, immigration and GCC labour markets and their impacts on the skill and wage structures, the role of the state in GCC economies, and the political economy of Bahrain. He was the president of the Bahrain Economic Society and a founder and former president of Gulf Economic Association.